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Despite many years of running my motorhome from the UK into mainland Europe I think I have to admit to not really understanding Eurotunnel’s pricing strategy. I always use the price comparison site at The Caravan Club not just because I am a member but also because it is extremely user friendly. Invariably I just check out the ferries looking for the best deal and all too often I ignore the Eurotunnel option in the certain knowledge it will be either the most expensive option or certainly too expensive anyway.

Then last week when I had to be in Antwerp I did check on Eurotunnel and it was by far the cheapest for me and my sub six metre Rapido motorhome.

And when I do use it I love it, the speed, not having to leave the motorhome and the thought did cross my mind that on the ferry I invariably have a meal and buy something I don’t really need (both ways!!) and if I were to factor all of that in I wonder if Eurotunnel might be the best deal anyway….?

But I do want to try one of the new P&O superferries as yet another option on crossing that wretched bit of water which on the one hand is so annoying and yet on the other hand apparently makes us who we are!!

Christopher Macgowan
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