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The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety beginning on 11 May 2011, aims to substantially reduce road deaths around the world. The ‘Decade’ has gained support from a broad base of stakeholders, including governments, government agencies, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), national motoring clubs, safety organisations, charities and companies. The campaign gives The Caravan Club an opportunity to align itself with the aims of the project, which themselves align well with the interests of Club members.

The Decade of Action is based around five ‘pillars’ or topics of focus:

Road Safety Management
Safer Roads and Mobility
Safer Vehicles
Safer Road Users
Post-crash Response

Concentrating on these areas, the Decade aims to achieve the following safety improvements:

To stabilise and then reduce the forecast level of road traffic fatalities around the world by 2020. Currently nearly 1.3 million people die as a result of road collisions around the world each year (more than 3,000 per day). By taking action, some five million lives could be saved over the course of the Decade, compared to the forecast worsening situation which is anticipated if no action is taken.

The Caravan Club has made a specific commitment to undertake activities which support the aims, and which will help deliver the required goals.

To promote the safest possible choice of car, caravan and motor caravan models for Club members and others undertaking caravanning in the UK.

To encourage the safest possible usage of caravans and motor caravans on UK and overseas roads through the provision of effective and comprehensive advice and guidance.

To provide caravanners in the UK with focussed advice concerning the safest selection and usage of roads for their holiday journeys.

The Caravan Club’s Technical Manager, Martin Spencer, comments, “The Caravan Club is proud to announce its commitment to support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. The Club’s members are road users first and foremost, and, as such, road safety is a priority for them. It is The Club’s aim to build on its long standing record for providing comprehensive high quality advice and information to its members, and to those contemplating taking up caravanning.”

Lawrence Bate, The Caravan Club’s Director of Marketing, says, “The Caravan Club works closely with like-minded partner organisations such as the FIA and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), to encourage and deliver road safety improvements. The Club is also a signatory to the European Road Safety Charter and has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Highways Agency to work together on areas of mutual benefit.”

For further details on the UN Decade of Action http://www.decadeofaction.org

Christopher Macgowan