Faye and I have birthdays very close together and recently we have preferred sliding off together for a weekend present rather than trying to think of a present to give each other which is very likely to end in tears. My long since departed mother used to say for years that she “had done with earthly possessions” and whilst I have not quite reached that point, I know just what she meant.

So this weekend we are at The Hoste Arms in Burnham Market, Norfolk and a wonderful spot it is too. There is something about being away that makes you relax and prevents you from worrying about all the things you should have done but have so far failed to do.

Whilst here the subject of super injunctions has arisen and been all over the news. One evening down in the bar I was challenged to see if I could quickly and effortlessly find out the name of the footballer we all know who, allegedly, has taken out a super injunction. This I did in under sixty seconds and whilst I was at it also secured the name and CV of the woman who, allegedly, was party to an affair with a top banker (yes, all the vowels ARE correct!) with a bank that I seemingly partially own – along with everyone else of course.

This rapid search proved two things. Firstly in this internet enabled world secrets are a bit difficult. Secondly, results from an iPad even in a bar are staggering although of course having your iPad to hand in a bar says lots about you and none of it particularly favourable…..

Until the next scandal!

Christopher Macgowan
twitter: motorhomenews