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Bruges must be one of the most motorhome friendly cities in the EU!!

There is a huge dedicated parking area within the main coach station down by the river and the marina and – for good measure – there is one part of it where you can stay overnight if the spirit moves you with electricity, waste disposal and fresh water. It is a pay on exit system and whilst not cheap you are paying for the sheer convenience of being in the city.

A ten minute walk through the park from the coach station takes you into the heart of Bruges which is, as we all know, breathtaking in its beauty. Some will doubtless complain that it is a bit too touristic and that is probably true but I can forgive any city anything if it is as motorhome friendly as this one is. And there is Camping Memling two kms out of town if your prefer a traditional, well run site.

Christopher Macgowan
twitter: motorhomenews