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If you’re in need of some winter entertainment, it’s hard to beat hanging out with 50 cars from the James Bond movies. On January 17, the Bond In Motion exhibition will open up at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. The exhibition runs until next December so plenty of time to see some of the finest machines ever to appear on film – it’s the largest exhibition of its kind staged anywhere in the world, so Britain is indeed blessed.

Some of the cars that will be on show have only ever been seen by the public in the movies. They include the grunty Ford Mustang Mach 1 from Diamonds Are Forever, the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II as driven by the evil Zukovsky on The World Is Not Enough and a retro classic, the 1962 Roller that was pushed into a lake with Bond still inside in A View To A Kill.

As well as 50 awesome automobiles, there will be some other Bond curiosities on display such as the burial-at-sea bed from You Only Live Twice, the Union Jack parachute and surfboard with concealed weapons from Die Another Die (shame about the rubbish song) and the Casino Royale plane based on a Boeing 747 and the original “Pig” used to smuggle Koskov through a Siberian pipeline in The Living Daylights (not one of the best Bond films but the Pig was a cool idea).

It all sounds like a ton of fun and a TotallyMotor road trip to Beaulieu could well be on the cards, ideally in an Aston Martin…

Christopher Macgowan
twitter: motorhomenews
SOURCE: totallymotor