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London’s first big caravan and motorcaravan show in a long time got off to a good start today at ExCeL in Docklands. It is a great exhibition location and each time I visit there seems to be more development than before – and of course it is getting geared up for the Olympics in August.

The atmosphere at the show was very buzzy but I think I can reasonably award the prize to the happiest couple who tipped up in full wedding gear on their way to the church and thought it would be a nice touch – it being St Valentine’s day – to have some of their photos taken in front of a caravan encrusted with red roses care of The Caravan Club!!

My photograph captures a rather more somber subject. The important work The Caravan Club does at shows training drivers to improve their manoeuvring skills and keeping people at the top of their driving abilities.

Christopher Macgowan
twitter: motorhomenews