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Motorhome owners are very familiar with this crime – but it is clearly becoming more widespread according to “Motor Trader”

Theft of catalytic converters is on the increase as part of the booming trade in stolen scrap metal. A Hartwell dealership in Grimsby has become the latest crime victim with three catalytic converters stolen in one night.

In Rutland seven catalytic converters were stolen in one evening. The vehicles targeted were Ford Rangers, Isuzu, Land Rover Freelander.

In Norfolk, Police have reported 17 recent incidents of theft of catalytic converters from 4x4s.

4x4s are targeted by thieves because they offer easier access. Theft of catalytic converters has been on the radar for some time. In 2008 insurance firm Norwich Union said theft had increased five-fold in a year.

Christopher Macgowan
twitter: motorhomenews