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I think Speyer will prove to be one of the stunning finds of this trip.

Just south of Heidelberg, Speyer is a delightful town successfully mixing old and new; loads of restaurants, a decidedly upmarket town centre and, above all, a very warm welcome everywhere I went. I must admit I was primarily attracted to staying in Speyer because of its very impressive technical museum which was superb. I love anything which could be loosely described as modern industrial technology and the museum is full of it.

However, it transpired that the excellent site I wanted to stay on is owned by and adjacent to the museum which was pretty handy and was less than a ten minute walk into the town so for me a perfect combination. The museum camping website says it all and it is a very good, secure site with access managed by the adjacent hotel reception area. You can find it on page 348 of The Caravan Club’s “Caravan Europe 2” directory.

There is an active airfield attached so a few planes and helicopters take off from time to time but the 747 in my picture I am pleased to tell you is part of the impressive static display so not too much noise!!

And a biplane landed and a hot air balloon took off before my very eyes!


Christopher Macgowan
twitter: motorhomenews