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20130810-142527.jpgA new plan to introduce an MOT-style test for caravans could cost families hundreds of pounds.The plan has been touted by the European Union.

If the idea is brought into force it could affect 200,000 holidaymakers in the UK. There are also fears that it could hit the popular caravan tourism market.

Andrew Baker, director at Pearman Briggs caravan sales at Longlevens, said: “We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of younger families taking up caravanning because they can’t afford to go abroad and this new rule would be a real shame for them. I can’t see it being brought in because simply policing it would be a nightmare. It would just be another unnecessary expense for people.”

Reacting to the news, a spokesman for the Caravan Club, which has 375,000 members nationally, said: “The Caravan Club actively supports and encourages measures designed to improve road safety, but has seen no EU evidence that MOT-style testing on caravans will do so. “Caravanning is inherently very safe, with extremely low levels of reported accidents, and the overwhelming majority of accidents which do occur are caused by factors such as poor loading – causing instability – and driver behaviour, not by factors that would be mitigated by roadworthiness testing.”

The UK government is attempting to block the measure but it could be passed by the EU later this year.

SOURCE: http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk

Christopher Macgowan
twitter: motorhomenews