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Andy Green OBE, the current holder of the World Land Speed Record, and the first person to break the sound barrier on land, is taking on the challenge to achieve a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record – who says caravanners are slow?

Andy Green will be with The Club, on Caravan Club Day, Tuesday 18 February, where he will talk about his involvement with caravanning and his current World Land Speed Record attempt. He will be available on The Club’s Lounge area (stand 2000, hall 2) along with his supersonic car, BLOODHOUND SSC, to talk about the ground-breaking project.

Andy is no stranger to caravans or motorhomes, having used them many times as accommodation and support vehicles whilst away for previous record attempts, as well as holidaying in them on several occasions. In 2010 he joined The Club at the testing of The Caravan Club Towcar of the Year Awards, where he helped the driving judges put the towcars through their paces.

Of his experiences Green says, “My many land speed trials and record attempts take me away to remote areas where I obviously don’t find many hotels, so we have trailers and RVs in these situations. These vehicles are the perfect home-away-from-home whether for work or holidaying.”

The new record attempt, to break the 1,000mph mark with BLOODHOUND SSC, once again sees him working with Richard Noble. Noble and Green announced the launch of The BLOODHOUND Project in October 2008 and they say that “This story is still unfolding – we will add more chapters as we move into new phases of the project. This story will not finish when BLOODHOUND SSC achieves a World Land speed record of 1000mph – the lasting legacy of inspiring our next generation of scientists and engineers will continue for years to come.”

The Club looks forward to welcoming Andy Green OBE and BLOODHOUND SSC to the show, where the Bristol based car will be on The Club stand hitched to a caravan, from Bristol based manufacturer, Bailey of Bristol.

Tony Hall, Director of Marketing for The Caravan Club says, “The BLOODHOUND Project is based in Bristol, as is large caravan manufacturer, Bailey of Bristol. The Club and Bailey thought it would be fun to have the world’s fastest car, towing a caravan at the show, while also flying the flag for British manufacturing and engineering.”

Christopher Macgowan