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We keep hearing there is an app for everything. This time it turns out it might be true. Fresh from the NCC Caravan and Camping show, the Alde Start-App is the new feature you can download on your smartphone which controls the heating in your caravan or motorhome, fitted with the company’s heating system.

“Alde Start-App liberates you by allowing you to operate your heating while you’re out and about, enjoying your holiday,” said Leigh Marsden, Development Director at Alde International. “When you get back to your vehicle, it can be nice and warm already, with a hot shower waiting.”

That does sound tempting and the app works on essentially any smartphone, as the Alde Start-App system is compatible with all GSM compatible devices and allows the user to receive live updates from their fitted, heating system.

We should add that the app is made to work exclusively with later Alde 3010 boilers and all 3020 boilers. The Alde Start-App is free and can be downloaded for iOS and Android from app stores this April.

What will they think of next?

Source: Damien Sharkov of Caravan Times

Christopher Macgowan