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I am in Ypres for a few days primarily because of my interest in WW1 history. I am staying at the Jeugdstadion site which is next to the sports stadium and very well placed for walking into town. Its website can be found HERE

Ypres is also a very attractive town quite apart from the sombre history which will always be connected to its name. Almost entirely rebuilt since WW1 it has a really nice feel to it and rather less glitzy than nearby Bruges – which I also like but some days you can hardly move it is so packed out.

My photo is of the Menin Gate where the ceremony of the Last Post is respectfully carried out at 8pm every night without fail and has been performed since the 1920s – except for a gap during the Second World War.

It’s very easy to get to – barely an hour from Dunkirk and a smidge more from Calais.

Christopher Macgowan