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Motorhome maker Erwin Hymer Group is moving its SAP ERP platform to the company’s cloud-based in-memory compute platform , HANA. The company’s chief information officer Salim Siddiqi said the move will enable Erwin Hymer Group to be more responsive to changes in its supply chain operations across its global brands.

The Group, which owns the brands Bürstner, Carado, Dethleffs, Eriba, and LMC among others, is in the process of moving its ERP platform to a cloud-based implementation of SAP HANA in a bid to leverage in-memory computing’s speedy processing of large volumes of data.

“A complete material requirements planning run in the classic batch mode usually takes an entire day,” Siddiqi said. “Thanks to SAP HANA, we can now simulate this run ad hoc in real time, several times a day. So if the order situation changes suddenly, we can adjust our production lines and inventories immediately.”

The company originally moved from multiple ERP platforms onto SAP ERP in 2013 in order to harmonise its legacy IT landscape, including the consolidation of its database. But it said using the cloud-based version of SAP ERP allows it greater flexibility in its operations, the potential to deploy more software based on the same platform, and the opportunity to streamline business processes globally.

Source: http://www.businesscloudnews.com

Christopher Macgowan