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2015 is expected to be theYear of the Motorhome as January gets off to a strong start with bold tourers getting out and about, whatever the weather.

The Caravan Club is excited to see the first month of the new year has seen an increase of over 7% in occupancy across its UK sites network. With over 200 sites, from the very top of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall, it seems the weather has not deterred caravanners and motorohomers from heading out across the UK.

Meanwhile, forward bookings for the rest of the year also suggest that 2015 is set to be a busy year. Each December The Club releases its pitches for booking for the forthcoming year and since that date (3 December 2014) over 800,000 nights have already been booked.

The Club believes that tourers are more relaxed than other types of holiday makers, after a recent member survey asked them about how they feel. The results showed that they were more likely to give a rating of 1 or less out of 10 for feeling anxious, which is 8% lower than the national average. Showing that, as a group of people, caravanners and motorhomers are less anxious and less deterred by inclement weather.

Nick Lomas, Director General of The Caravan Club says, “We know that tourers are made of tough stuff and we often liken tourers to intrepid explorers. They like an adventure and are not put-off by the colder weather. With modern caravans and motorhomes, touring can be a year-round pastime and it is really wonderful to see that members fall below the national average when it comes to anxiousness.”

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Christopher Macgowan