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The Caravan Club says it is going to be busy, as happy tourers spring to life

The Caravan Club is egg-cited to see that its UK sites network has seen an increase of 21% in bookings for this Easter period compared to last year, with the month of March seeing an increase in new joiners too – 12.8% more new members than March 2014.

Following on from The Club’s announcement in January that the first month of the New Year saw an increase of over 7% in occupancy across its UK sites network, and then the industry’s governing body (The National Caravan Council) announcing a 10% increase in caravan and motorhome sales in early February, 2015 certainly looks set to be a buoyant year for touring, with the great British get-away springing into full life this week.

The Club also believes that caravanners and motorhomers are happier than other types of holiday makers, after a recent member survey asked them about how they feel. The results showed that they were nearly 10% more likely to give a rating of 9 or more out of 10 for happiness than the national average, and said that the main appeal of a touring holiday is the freedom and flexibility – giving them opportunity to explore the great outdoors in their own way.

Brian Savage, Director of Membership Services at The Caravan Club says, “Recently the media has been reporting that the country is seeing a general economic recovery, and our figures show that even since this time last year, tourers are more willing to get out earlier and more often.”

Savage continues, “We know that holidays are important to people and statistics showed that even during the recession people continued to holiday, albeit less often than before. In The Club’s survey mentioned above, 86% of respondents said that touring provides great value for money and that every weekend can be a holiday, and The Club agrees. Why put all your eggs in one basket with just one annual holiday, when if you have a caravan or motorhome, you can go as often as you like.”

Because it can be a bit daunting when considering trying a caravan or motorhome holiday for the first time, The Caravan Club has launched a new website called experiencefreedom.co.uk

It offers free practical advice in an easy-to-understand manner. It can answer simple questions like; caravan or motorhome? What size caravan can my car tow? And, where can I hire from or find affordable, yet good, second-hand vehicles? The Caravan Club welcomes everybody and can help get you started.

Christopher Macgowan