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Go anywhere, whenever you want to with a caravan, trailer tent, campervan or motorhome. The world is, almost literally, your oyster.

Many of my childhood holidays were spent in caravans. My grandparents were diehard Caravan Club members and my parents made use of their antiquated vehicle whenever it was free. 

It was quite posh, with a two-tone blue and cream paint job. Inside it appeared to have been carved from mahogany. Gas uplighters added an air of Victorian charm. 

Were it to have survived, our castle on wheels would no doubt have listed status. In practical terms, the old relic’s passing was not to be lamented because the modern options were far more appealing – even then. 

Today, the choices for staying in the great outdoors have expanded to cover every kind of travelling home you can think of, from lightweight tents that virtually erect themselves to trendy pods and mobile palaces. 

Something more exotic? Try a yurt and imagine that you’re a nomad on the Mongolian Steppes. 

If you own a trailer tent, caravan, campervan or motorhome then the world is, almost literally, your oyster. 

The freedom and flexibility to roam as you please cannot be underestimated. For hipsters, some vehicles are much more than mere holiday trailers or campervans. 

A cool, chrome slice of Americana or the nostalgic noise of an air-cooled engine can say more about you than anything, especially at the beach or a festival. 

Welcoming sites for today’s homes on wheels are now scattered across the UK and the Continent. Modern caravans are streamlined, lightweight, well-fitted, ingenious and easy to tow. 

With prices starting at about £20,000 for a two/three-berth van (£10,000 for secondhand) it could pay for itself in just a few years on the savings made over hotel or package holidays – plus you get that freedom to go when and where you please. 

Campervans and motorhomes have also become increasingly popular in the past few years. There’s a blurring of the two terms, but in general a campervan is a smaller, simpler vehicle while a motorhome comes with toilet, shower, built-in kitchen and plush furnishings. 

Modern caravans and motorhomes retain their value remarkably well, so the value for money adds up on both sides of the equation. You could get a great deal of your money back if you decide to sell or upgrade in the future. There’s no need to buy outright, however – you can hire one for as long as you like from certain retailers. 

As someone who spent a wet Glastonbury in a nice, dry Winnebago, I can testify to their attraction at festivals. But if you do want to sleep in a simple tent under the stars out in the wilds, then by all means go for it – that’s the beauty of camping. It’s as upmarket or simple as you want it to be. The point is to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. 

As Erin Baker, managing director of Telegraph Cars, says: “The essential freedom inherent in a motorhome or caravan piques my interest – as does paying a quarter of the money spent on a hotel room for a simple berth in a field surrounded by trees and birdsong.” 

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Christopher Macgowan