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Carthago Reisemobilbau was founded in 1979 by Karl-Heinz Schuler and is still managed by the owner, while employing around 850 staff. In 2013, the company moved into Carthago-City, its new headquarters in the Upper Swabian Aulendorf with a state-of-the-art motorhome production facility. Last year the owner founded the Karl Heinz Schuler Familienstiftung, or family foundation, and transferred the first shares of the Carthago Group to it. This step ensured an independent future for the company, as a foundation cannot be sold or taken over completely nor partially. The assets of a foundation may also only be used for certain purposes.

The reason for doing this was the desire of Karl-Heinz Schuler to keep the company as an entity in the long term and to secure the employment of its 850 employees. In taking this step, he has put the interests of the company and the employees before his personal interests. With the family foundation setup, Karl-Heinz Schuler is basically protecting his commercial life’s work. It means the structures of the Carthago Group will stay as they are. The family foundation comprises two members of the board and a foundation board with Karl-Heinz Schuler is the foundation chairman.

In 2011, Karl-Heinz had already given the management of the company a broad basis by introducing a multi-head management board. This contributed to the growth of the Carthago Group –  the turnover in last business year was 182 million Euros. Since April this year, the management board comprised of the founder and owner Karl-Heinz Schuler, Bernd Wuschack as managing director for Sales, Marketing and Customer Services, Johannes Stumpp as managing director for Finance, Accounting and IT as well as Anton Fetscher, managing director for Engineering.

SOURCE: http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk

Christopher Macgowan