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You don’t really want to know this but I cannot function properly unless each day I kick off with a refreshing hot shower. And that applies not only at home but even more so when I am travelling in the motorhome.

Ecocamel has come up with the seemingly impossible combination of a really good water spray, some new soft water technology and yet a shower head that uses less water than earlier versions and a lot less than ordinary showerheads. With a 100litre fresh water tank in the motorhome, the sort of water economy I am getting with the new showerhead makes life a lot easier when I am on the road whilst still delivering that all important “charge” to get me up and running each day. The design of the new unit is very high tech – air is drawn in through the air intakes and mixes with water to increase the pressure and forces the water out to significantly boost the power of the shower.

So I get my power shower each morning and use less water.

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Christopher Macgowan