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Am spending some time in France and am right now at the amazing KonTiki site on the beach outside St Tropez. It’s a stunning site with brilliant facilities but, above all, it’s the location of course. It is also a mini United Nations with people from all over the place holidaying and enjoying the 30 degrees C and constant sunshine. 

Faye has managed to join me for some of the time. She works full time and for a company that seems not to understand either time zones or holidays. Consequently WiFi and electricity are a bit of a must but I am not altogether certain when AutoSleeper installed a weather proof outside three pin socket they had envisaged it was for keeping Faye’s MacBookAir fully operational at all times.

Faye has now flown home and I will be wandering through places like Macon and Beaune on an educational visit to improve my knowledge of French wine. (OK I realise that sounds a bit thin.)

Christopher Macgowan