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 Two of my computers on my network have now been upgraded to Windows 10 and my goodness I’m finding it a lot easier than 8.1. I don’t think I ever quite came to terms with NOT having a start button or tile and was never certain how to move around in 8.1 and there was consequently a lot of trial and error – and that resulted in time wasting.

All is now peace and calm – perhaps my essentially “linear brain” is better suited to the more formal layout and operation of 10.

One surprise. One of the upgrades popped UK English automatically in to the default language matched with the spell checker and thesaurus and so on. The other upgrade made no selection and it took me a while to figure out why the spell checker seemed to be absent even though it was telling me it HAD checked the document – despte it being populated with the usual typos we all make. I then discovered how to download in a seperate download your preferred language and all is now well and the spell checker has something against which to check my typos.

Just the Windows tablet to be done now when Microsoft deem my wait is over and the upgrade commences. Can’t imagine how there could possibly be enough space in the tablet drive to accommodate 10 – I await with interest.

Christopher Macgowan