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As 2015 comes to a close I wish you a very Happy Christmas and hope you have some great touring in 2016. 

For my part one of our best trips was when Faye and I followed the Napoleon Route – http://www.ultimatedrives.net – in France from Grenoble to Nice; it was stunning and we had the sense to do it in the summer whereas Napoleon made the treck in winter in snow and all sorts and had a pretty terrible time by all accounts.  That was in 1815 on his return from Elba. Whereas by contrast Faye and I lived quietly for a few days in St Tropez at the end of our route – Napoleon went on to attempt to rule the world at the end of his. This contrast would have worried my mother who was always concerned that I would “never amount to anything” without ever specifying what it was she had in mind.

Also following Sandra and Iain Baxter on their Grand European Tour affectionately called “Mind the Gap Year” was a delight – they can be found at http://baxterbus.wordpress.com

I shut down now for Christmas with a photo of this morning’s visitors. A flotilla of Long Tailed Tits is in town and they visit me as a team of between two and eight strong. They are sociable and polite; do not fight over the food or with one another and display the sort of behaviour my mother would have approved of.

Have a great break and may you, your friends and your family have a wonderful time and still be talking to each other on Boxing Day! I will do my best.

Christopher Macgowan