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The Caravan Club’s Durham Grange site is a really useful one to have in your database. It is next to the A1M at junction 62 and therefore an excellent site when travelling between Scotland and England and, obviously, brilliant for a look around Durham. Some would find the traffic noise from the A1M distracting but of course the compromise is the sheer convenience to the motorway. It’s a twelve acre site with a tad under eighty pitches of which over fifty are hardstandings. Having started the day in Manchester and driven through storms and torrential rain the site’s convenience to the motorway was appreciated.

And then today I am on my way to Melrose. Flooding everywhere on the roads – it’s when it meets in the middle you know there’s plenty of water about and, as my photo shows, the rivers around here are swollen, fast running  with a lot of debris being swept along including the occasional static holiday home.

Christopher Macgowan