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Faye and I are at the end of our holiday in Mallorca in tiny Port d’Andratx. A delightful spot but continually reading there was a heat wave back home was not helpful!

This was a flight to Palma and a week in a hotel. It is early in the season of course but I only saw one coachbuilt motorhome and maybe half a dozen van conversions. I think the long and expensive ferry from Barcelona is a serious inhibitor although on the plus side responsible wild camping is permitted. By contrast, many holiday makers bring their cars across on the ferries with German registrations winning the day.

Being the sad bloke I am I could not resist harping back to my British Leyland truck days and including in one of my photos a 45 gallon drum of Caterpillar hydraulic oil. It took me back to my early career tour of duty. Faye is very accommodating on the motorhome lifestyle, thinks I need help with my train spotting and has called our psychiatrist friend for an appointment over the oil drum…..

Christopher Macgowan