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None of us much like being told what to do and us motorhomers are of an independent disposition and we in particular do not like being bossed about – we can always just drive away to a better attraction or a better site or, at this time of year, a more friendly relative. Remember over Christmas my mother’s adage that “Fish and friends go off after two days.”

However, as a mature adult we all learn that some rules are good to follow. Best not to murder anyone over Christmas if you can avoid it, pay your VAT on time and don’t drink and drive. 

And, follow the directions to a Caravan Club site as printed in the Sites Directory and Handbook. 

I have been at Hunter’s Moon this week which is near Wareham and despite having an all singing and dancing satnav with the sites pre-programmed, it would have had be wandering round Poole and Wareham given half a chance whereas by staying on the A35 as specified in the directory everything is kept simple and in no time you arrive at the site.

Simples. But am I and others tempted to pop the address into the satnav and hope for the best? Of course we are – but over time we have learned to do the right thing. Even as a motorhomer.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas. Try not to muder anyone over this very stressful period; plan a nice January trip instead!

Christopher Macgowan