Deb clearly has a plan. Very exciting. Can’t beat a bit of a diversion from time to time.

Summer 2017. A quick twenty minute process on the PC, the finger hovers momentarily, then, we hit the ‘send’ button.


Twenty years ago, balmy summer evenings sat outside our frame tents, or on the cooler evenings in a tent, in various parts of the UK with our oldest and dearest friends, Mags and Oniss. Kids tucked up in sleeping bags, gently slumbering on airbeds that would slowly deflate during the night, we’d sit outside, wrapped in blankets in April or watching the shooting stars in August. Disposable BBQs, cooked upon, with the heat slowly fading strategically placed under deck chairs for extra warmth. Wine glass in hand, contemplating the meaning of life and putting the world to rights. We’d often talk and dream about winning the lottery or inheriting money from an unknown great uncle Bill. We’d buy and run a camp site. We knew what we liked. We talked…

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