Campervan Castaways

Sightseeing in Auckland

Enjoying life while we can

Here we are snuggled up inside a sleeping bag made for two in a rental campervan of similar size to that of an under stairs cupboard in a standard detached house back in Blighty. Above us is not much more in the way of headroom than an extended arm’s length, before we can reach a very clever wooden pull-out bed base which provides a useful 3rd sleeping space for our adult son, who has joined us for a weekend getaway in The Wairarapa wine region in the South of New Zealand’s North Island.

Feeling blessed with the fact that our adult children still don’t mind tagging along with their middle aged parents and even more so when it involves sharing such a small but well organised space together, really then got us thinking as to why do we actually need much more room than this…

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