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I have no idea what the The New Normal will look like but if being out and about virtually non-stop is the route to it, I’m doing all the right things!

Someone asked me what the main changes in my life look like being as (Boris permitting) things start to ease.

Firstly I speak an entirely different language. My most commonly used utterance now is “You’re on mute.”

Secondly I suspect hugging will soon be a recognised Olympic sport as seemingly everyone wants to hug everybody else. Handshaking may never re-emerge.

Thirdly, working from home was formerly seen as tantamount to skiving. Soon it will be so widespread and universally approved that offices will be converted en masse to fast food dark kitchens delivering to hermits skulking in their homes.

Meanwhile The New Normal has yet to be defined but anyway Faye and I are off out tonight to our favourite pub restaurant for an indoor meal.


Christopher Macgowan