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I admit to being a bit hesitant about hitting the road again back to France. The paperwork trail all looked a bit daunting and I was anxious not to be abroad and catching Covid. Anyway, it all has suddenly got easier and so last week we took off via EuroTunnel and had a trouble free and delightful brief stay in France – our first for twenty seven months.

We stayed at the CAMC recommended Château du Gandspette in Eperleques just forty five minutes from Calais. It’s a lovely family owned site and has received some serious upgrade attention over the last couple of years. It sports a café open each evening, grass and hard standing pitches and an extremely friendly welcome.

So, with my doubts now set to one side, European travel is now back on the agenda. And as for the paperwork we carefully prepared – no one was the least bit interested in any of it. But our passports received a stamp like in the old days!

Christopher Macgowan