I have been an enthusiastic motorhome owner since 2003.

Mostly I travel in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and Belgium. I own an AutoSleeper Malvern. I guess the reason I love my motorhome is because of the lifestyle; it allows me extensive travel on my terms and to a timetable I have laid down – and NO suitcases!

My twitter account is motorhomenews so do please follow me. I am unreasonably addicted to my iPad and it is my iPad that allows me to run this website and my twitter account with such ease. Add to that the number of sites I visit with WiFi and we really have witnessed and experienced a fantastic advance in communication.

I am a big supporter of and believer in what The Caravan Club does for its one million members. I am a member of its Executive Committee and am the Club Treasurer.

If you can bring yourself to follow me on Twitter @motorhomenews that would be great and even better sign up for my weekly newsletter

Christopher Macgowan

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